Hi! I am Terhi's personal web page. A hand-built, old school representation of Terhi on the world wide web. Terhi holds a PhD in digital media from the University of Porto (Portugal) and an MA in art education from the University of Lapland (Finland). Terhi is an artist/researcher. Terhi's PhD strove to find some questions and to question some answers about migration as movement and about voice / interaction as an artistic approach. You can contact Terhi at firstname.lastname @ iki.fi but make sure you spell her firstname right (it is difficult for non-Finnish speakers).

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Terhi Marttila, PhD [ curriculum vitae : academic | LinkedIn ]

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Time, diffracted (2024) ( en ) - click to begin, sounds on (easier with headphones), move mouse to "look" around, wasd or arrow keys to move. Aural experience, no visuals. Exhibited at ISEA 2024 in June of 2024. Watch the video documentatioan of one traversal (earlier version as on Mozilla hubs) here. Watch the artist talk for ISEA2024 here. Slides here. Shared at artwork session of LARSyS annual meeting, slides here. Included in the online exhibition at ELO2024 here. A talk at ELO2024 about the performative writing approach developed for this work here.

zzz (2024) ( - ), published in Revista SACA - Revista literária independente in March of 2024. Read the editorial here.

Infinite scroll (2023) ( en ), published in taper#11 in December of 2023.

Gray hairs (2023) ( en - view in Chrome), published in The New River Journal (view in Chrome) in May of 2023. Read the editor's note here. Practitioner reflection, These Gray Hairs Really Scream Out at me published in Vol 15, No 2: Arts and Gaming, Convergent Feminism and Speculative Futures, the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts. Exhibited at ELO2023 in Coimbra, Portugal (visit the online exhibition). Performed at Teatro Académico Gil Vicente on July 12th 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal (ELO performances). Performed at Videojogos 2023 on November 30th 2023 in Aveiro, Portugal. Performed at Greta livraria feminista on December 16th 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. Mentioned in national press (público). Want to invite Gray hairs for a live reading/performance? read the description and technical rider here.

Transplanted (2021 - 2022) ( fi / [en subtitles] - view in Chrome), published on nokturno.fi (view in Chrome) in April of 2022. Original version (view in Chrome) exhibited at Galleria Hämärä 9. - 25.11.2021, Lapin yliopisto, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Speak out (2020 - 2022) ( en, fi, pt, de - view in Chrome) revamped for ELO2022, and the beta version Speak out (2020) ( pt / en - view in Chrome) completed during residency curated by Patrícia Gouveia on raum.pt with graphic design contributions by João Sousa / v-a.studio

kakkakukka / cocó flor / poo flower (2021) social sculpture / nonviolent / neighborhood intervention

We cannot take them all (2019) ( en - view in Chrome), and the text by Professor Joseph Carens which inspired it, page 193

Give Me a Reason (2016) ( de / [translate widget] ), generates reasons for helping (and welcoming) refugees and migrants. Included in the Electronic Literature Collection 4, a "collection of exemplary works of Electronic Literature from 2016-2021" (see About ELC4) edited by Kathi Inman Berens, John T. Murray, R. Lyle Skains, Rui Torres and Mia Zamora.

[ ☉ Work completed in Montreal (2015) ]

[ ☉ Work completed in Rovaniemi (2014) ]

Terhi has said thought about and publicly about said these things:


# Marttila, Terhi and Lima, Luciana (2023) Feminist poiesis – multidisciplinary creation and collaborative research in transmedia arts and gaming in Portugal At Assembly 2023 summer, 5.8.2023 Helsinki, Finland. Slides pdf / (video coming later).

# Lima, Luciana, Pinto, Camila, Marttila, Terhi and Gouveia, Patrícia (2023) Home computing and digital gaming piracy in the 1980s in Portugal. At DiGRA, 20.6.2023 Sevilla, Spain. Slides pdf.


# Marttila, Terhi (2022) Playful voice/interaction for ecosystems living. At Music Tech Fest (MTF) Labs, 12.10.2022 Aveiro, Portugal. Slides online / video online.

# Marttila, Terhi (2022) Migration as movement. At LARSyS Annual meeting, 14.-15.7.2022 Lisbon, Portugal. Slides online / pdf

# Marttila, Terhi (2022) Migration as movement - repurposing the voice / interface to explore aspects of human migratory movement through artistic research ( PhD thesis ), Supervised by Associate Professor Dr. Patrícia Gouveia (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon) and Associate Professor Dr. Diamantino Freitas (Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto), University of Porto, defended on 27.6.2022. website / pdf.

# Marttila, Terhi (2022) Speak out – an artists’ game about life in a world of shifting border rules. At Artists’ Games: Critical and Creative Approaches in New Media Art, moderated by Victoria Szabo & Joyce Rudinsky, SPARKS (Short Presentations of Artworks & Research for the Kindred Spirit) sponsored by the ACMSIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee, 25.3.2022 @ 20:00 GMT (online). Slides online / pdf / video online.


# Marttila, Terhi (2020) Dimensions of authorship in the (co-)creation of interactive art: some examples. At Art of Research 2020 - Authorship and responsibility, 3. - 4.12.2020, Helsinki, Finland (online). Slides online / pdf.


# Marttila, Terhi (2019) Linguistic accents and xenophobia in we-cannot-take-them-all - Preliminary findings in the design of a voice interface. At ENIAD 2019, Encontro de Investigação - Arte e Design, 1. - 3.10.2019, Lisbon, Portugal. Slides online / pdf.

# Marttila, Terhi (2019) "Tell me a story, Siri." The voice as an emerging medium for interaction in digital art, case studies of selected artworks. At ELO 2019, Electronic Literature Organisation Conference, 15. - 17.7.2019. Cork, Ireland. Slides online / pdf and book of abstracts.

# Marttila, Terhi (2019) From osmosis to diffusion - migration as movement, digital art for dismantling membranes. At Consciousness Reframed 2019, 6. - 8.6.2019. Porto, Portugal. Slides online / pdf.


# Marttila, Terhi (2018) Chatting as interface in gaming - case example: Bury me, my love. At Videojogos 2018, Portuguese national conference on videogames 21.11.2018, Porto, Portugal. Presentation pdf and paper pdf and full proceedings.

# Marttila, Terhi (2018) Playful readings and deeper meanings. At ICLI 2018, International Conference on Live Interfaces, Doctoral Symposium, 14. - 16.6.2018, Porto, Portugal. Presentation pdf and paper pdf and full proceedings.


# Marttila, Terhi (2017) Give me a reason - Encouraging dialogue through interactive media, Proceedings of InSEA 2017, International Society for Education in the Arts, (Unable to present in person), 7. - 11.8.2017, Daegu, South Korea. Paper pdf and full proceedings.


# Marttila, Terhi (2016) Give me a reason - Three Cycles of Dialogical Art-based Action Research to Support a Community of Volunteers Who Work With Migrants, ( MA Thesis ), Supervised by Professor Dr. Mirja Hiltunen (Faculty of Arts, University of Lapland) University of Lapland. pdf.