Speak out

– an artists’ game about life

in a world

of shifting border rules

ACMSIGGRAPH SPARKS - Artists’ Games: Critical and Creative Approaches in New Media Art moderated by Victoria Szabo & Joyce Rudinsky - 25.3.2022 - (online) Terhi Marttila

work # 2/3 of my artistic research PhD at the University of Porto about migration

idea (2018): presentation at consciousness reframed

pursuing life objectives ↠(a force)↠ movement

migration as movement

life objectives ↠ movement ↞ border rules

you have to be able to move to where the opportunities are in order to take advantage of them. So, freedom of movement is an essential prerequisite for equality of opportunity (Carens 2015, 228)


1   drive You around with the arrow keys

↠ avatar / agency / where can I move?

2   increase the Score by fulfiling the needs of You

↠ engage, play, border rules may obstruct ones purpose

3   speak out to change the border rules

↠ border rules are social constructs / negotiable

4   reading the combinatorial poems out loud

↠ reflect on the ideas in the poems


Thank you!

Terhi Marttila

University of Porto, Portugal