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The works

We cannot take them all (2019)

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Or watch video documentation of We cannot take them all below:

Speak out (2020)

Click here to explore Speak out. Or here to explore Speak out as on raum.pt and read the accompanying text by Patrícia Gouveia (click on "i").

Watch video documentation of Speak out below:

🗣 If you want something to change you have to speak out:    

Transplanted (2021)

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Watch video documentation of Transplanted below:

🗣 First demo of poetry collage loop about being transplanted (on loopstation):    

Other things

Find here a set of poems and other productions which emerged during the research process.

a front poem

We sat on a park bench, 
 talking about his future,
 his options,
 his meagre options,
 after an interview I had organised.
 Me and him,
 suddenly jolted out of structures,
 out of the tent and the camp,
 out of our roles,
 the refugee and the volunteer.
 A young woman, and a young man,
 sitting on a park bench,
 talking about his future,
 and I thinking about mine.
 His options, my options,
 his meagre options, my ample options,
 after an interview I had organised.
 Me and him, 
 why and how,
 are we so different?
 A young woman and a young man, 
 on a park bench 
 talking about the future.

an end poem